Three very creative DIY wooden animal crafts picture works

With dead branches can also be made very cute animal crafts Oh! Now with me to enjoy the following excellent wooden crafts it! See if you can find some inspiration in it!Woodpecker: Always an energetic look, the sharp mouth is its greatest feature, can be directly used to express the branches of branches, and its wings are pasted with the bark, the texture of nature.Ostrich: Why run in such a hurry, after all, what to catch up?Peacock: stick with small branches of small branches to produce a peacock open screen, beautiful and moving gesture.

A napkin folded roses can be done in just a few minutes

Only a napkin and a pair of tweezers, you can make a beautiful rose like the above figure, really like magic! If you happen to have tweezers on hand, immediately followed by learning it, to ensure success, Do not look good on the other to say it

Prepare a napkin, tiled on the tabletop.

Clamp the middle part with tweezers.

Roll up, do not be too rude!

This process, the other hand certainly need help, do not really like the one hand to complete it!

Rose has been completed, this is the side view.

Top view. After reading is not asking for help Kawasaki Rose what, especially not to see it?

Children aluminum Clover tutorial simple aluminum Clover practice

Clover made of aluminum wire. Seemingly done enough delicate, with her straightforward, she is very belly to say: “never mind anyway, anyway!” Attitude is very good to say!

This is “look, take a look at” Sister brought simple aluminum hand-made for children, had wanted to pinch the bats, the results of pinch butterfly (bats and butterflies). Then change to play wire, wire is too hard, hand pain, aluminum wire manual hardness just right, learn my lessons we do not use colored aluminum wire, will repeatedly fade in the amendment. In making a butterfly butterflies, poisoning clover came to a conclusion: today is not suitable for manual.

Like to play with children’s wire, ready to learn the wire and pliers to do it (with a special jewelry pliers is not easy to scratch the wire).

First screw out a heart-shaped.
Has changed to a heart-shaped.

Found no, Clover is composed of four love it!

Good clover.

Clover stems.

Cut off the excess aluminum, a little clover is completed, the children have not done it successfully?

Simple and beautiful Christmas candle making children’s Christmas candle tutorial

Super beautiful Christmas decoration production, the key is to do this is still very simple, children in any case do not miss! ~ Make christmas candles with colorful cardboard and webs, make some decorations, full of Christmas.

Make a vivid candlelight ring with white, yellow, orange and red cardboard.

On a roll of paper wrapped in blue paper, put the front of the aura on top of the roll, and finally add pine needles to make Christmas candles in the United States.

Beautiful Christmas tree greeting card production method to send a sincere blessing to friends

Soon Christmas is coming ~ In this happy holiday, in addition to giving gifts, a greeting card with sincere greetings is also indispensable. Make beautiful Christmas tree greeting card tutorial using cardboard, we learn together ~

Prepare four green jams with different shades of color. The best paper jam with raised lines.

Use a punch to punch the four edges of the four cardboard edges into lace holes and place them in a “z” shape for pasting.

Cut the pasted card into the shape of the Christmas tree and paste it into the greeting card cover. Finally, add the card, lace, beads, etc. as a decoration, the beautiful Christmas card is finished。